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Hunger & Food security

The world is now faced by one of the worst pandemic threats it has ever seen.

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Health (Critical Diseases)

At the Capto Social Foundation we believe in building women’s capacity and leadership

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Women Empowerment & Security

At the Capto Socio Foundation we believe in building

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Child Care, Orphanage

To empower the rural India isn’t an easy task. We have a common goal to empower India.

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Consumer awareness programs in India aim to help citizens understand their rights and duties as consumers

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Farmers Regeneration

To empower the rural India isn’t an easy task.

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We strongly believe in this adage and believe that athletes who strive to fulll their

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Sports play an integral role in the lifestyle of children in India

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A Helping Hand for Everyone

Capto Social Foundation is a trustworthy giving platform for the donors. It is online crowd funding in India for fundraising of Social and charity. It can be a diflcult task to try to change society alone, although that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Charities and donations continue to be an effective way to influence the situation because several organizations trying to figure for such a cause often do not have enough funds.You want to donate to a charity, but you can’t find an appropriate place? You simply have to contact us and let us know you want to donate. Our mission is to see no child hungry and homeless. Our primary goal is to bring children and needful together.

Our organization and team are working round the clock to assist the vulnerable. But further such humanitarian efforts are needed to support those who have lost their jobs, have been left homeless and cannot pay for their next meal.

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Having the power to improve the lives of other

Our Team

Seeing a need for energetic, nonprofit work in this area, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions. We've consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!

Our History

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!

Our Mission

Capto Social Foundation envisions the nation where everyone can achieve their human potential via healthy lives. To work as a catalyst and bring a good change in the lives of the underprivileged people We focus on making the maximum positive effort for humanity. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data driven models,


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CaptoFoundation’s  increase in ambition and confidence while extending the legs of smaller, grassroots nongovernmental organizations in low-incomes countries beyond the traditional markets into the developing world. We are committed to “sharing” and strive to build a culture that supports the notion of enabling

We have established ourselves as a leader for the design and delivery of ‘giving’ programs, which are targeted to the needs of business and corporate donations, based on years of experience in the management of philanthropy and community development projects for businesses.

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Our Recent Causes

Hunger & unemployment due to COVID-19

The economic effect of COVID-19 is based on the fact that after the Great Depression in April the unemployment rate hit the highest level. As a result, unemployment insurance claims have increased significantly, but millions of people who lost their jobs couldn’t qualify for this benefit and had difficulties qualifying for it. However, these statistics do not indicate the financial effect of households in connation with the COVID-19 loss.

We at CaptoFoundation have been working hard to provide food to the poor and needy ones in this pandemic.  The epidemic of Coronavirus and the resulting lockdown has contributed to global health and financial crisis. To fight this unseen enemy, the entire world has come together.

We cook for our family at home. Why not to cook two additional people? This process of reasoning contributed to our starting point.

Clean Water For All

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Clean Water For All

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Clean Water For All

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INR 21150

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INR 21150

Upcoming Events

Your own charitable donations can inspire your nearest and dearest to give to causes important to them, and could even bring about a family-wide effort to back a charity or charities that have special significance to you as a group.



Aman Kumar

Make Donation Day

Anand Vihar Delhi



Nikhil Khanna

Make Donation Day

Anand Vihar 2020

Our Testimonials

  • The sharing of my ideas about the CaptoFoundation gives me immense pleasure. When I came across disadvantaged children deprived of basic needs such as nutrition, I considered the concept of a practical NGO. CaptoFoundation has done considerable work to provide food to hungry people in short term.


    CEO, Invision Inc.
  • We are very proud to be collaborating with the foundation that works hard in providing food for the needy ones.


    • A continuous process is transforming children’s lives. In a short time, nothing can be achieved. As people, we also need financial aid, time and other tools to support us. Without deviation, I believe in consistency and commitment. That’s what CaptoFoundation does.


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