Hunger & Food security

The world is now faced by one of the worst pandemic threats it has ever seen. Some of us are more impacted than the others. The infection rate in India has indeed been consistently increasing, its worst impacted so far.

Many with the lowest socio-economic status have suffered from unexpected income declines that have threatened their survival. The rescue of a few Ration cards has arrived. The need to purchase food and to pay rent for having the roof above their heads is difficult for people to handle.

We, at Capto Socio Foundation have agreed on doing our bit to help the poor and needy. We would like to try and make sure that malnutrition and hunger are not really the big challenges which people have to fight among numerous other challenges which they are facing.

We deliver very unique initiatives. We offer people an opportunity to think about things that really matter to the individual and to society.

We welcome you to pay some amount from your heart to fund our relief activities. We focus on providing essential cooked food to poor either free of cost or at a minimum cost. Offering essential grains at lower costs to different categories like baggers, labor class and handicap is our primary concern.

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